Saturday, August 31, 2013

See through your own eyes

My friend Dr. Kimberley Parker, professor of communication Bellarmine University while she was teaching a seminar about bullying in the work places, she said, when she interviewed few workers to get data to present this paper, a couple of them said that they feel their boss is goofy or mean to them but they do not consider that is bullying. I was thinking what is bullying for one person need not be bullying for another, it depends on the person who takes it.
I was talking to one of my friends recently, she is a newcomer to a textbook publishing company in India. Her boss is very mean to her, sometimes corrects my friend  in front of 40 other colleagues. Many colleagues seeing what is going on asked to pay back in the same coin. She said to her colleagues, she doesn't feel that's bullying. I am a newcomer and feel that she teaches me and it is not my culture to pay back in the same coin. I told her this makes you sweet heart! I asked her, are you indirectly saying your boss is cultureless? She laughed!
It is better to see things through your eyes than other's eye, your culture than other's culture.

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