Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Be still and know I Am God

Aristotle said "man by nature is seeker of God"

Prophets of doom and darkness will say there is no existence of God.

But the true seekers of wisdom do not agree.

The Hindu sages overcomes the ignorance through yoga. Through which they rise to awareness Brahman is the only reality. Plurality is mere appearance. The true knower is called stitaprnjan. He will realize that tat tvam asi that is thou are Brahman. To this reality sages prayed:
"O God! lead us from darkness unto light
O God! lead us from death unto life
O God! lead us from untruth to truth"

Siddhartha experienced life as sickness, old age and death. He asked himself is what it means? He fell in to deep silence and realized self awareness. He became Buddha - enlightened. He saw these are the result of man's uncontrolled desires like sex, money and life. He who practices the eightfold paths will realize nirvana.

believes Christ is the centre of the history and the cosmos. Jesus says "I am the life and the resurrection"( 1 Cori. 14:15). In christainity the ultimate truth is the risen Christ.

Education is the progressive discovery of our own ignorance.
Let God unveils in our minds and hearts through education....

The English poet wrote:

"The mountains are hidden by fog
still the peaks are there
the Sun is shadow by the cloud
still it is shining..."

St. Gregory wrote:

"God is within all things but not included, God is outside all things but not excluded, God is above all things but not beyond our reach".

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Anne said...

Hi Johnachan,
I like your posting and learnt alot. Today, I taught the kids on Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The children learnt about the eighfold of path and the 8 strokes of wheel as well as about brahman.
You have summarised everything with meaning for me.
Thank you.