Monday, July 18, 2011

Who are the real heroes?

From my favorite poetess

Nameless naïve ones who have lost their future –
without them I’d lost all confidence in the future.

They could, but they don’t want to get rich –
grasping their innocent poverty parsimoniously.

They could, but they don’t want to find fame –
they’re proud enough having chosen to be a nobody.

They could — with hardly any effort –
but don’t want to, climb upwards.

They’ve taken the road — what a feat!
downwards, downwards – to the peak of the root.

And on from there to discover the hidden prospect
of blossom and fruit — still at the pre-embryo stage.

Blaga Nikolova Dimitrova (1922 - 2003) was a Bulgarian poetess and Vice President of Bulgaria from 1992 until 1993.

When I read this poem, many people like St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Treasa, Gandhi, St. Maximilian Kolbe appeared to my mind.

St. Francis said to me, my father was a rich man and I had all the riches in my life. I could be a chivalrous man among my friends, I could be a center point of many beautiful ladies, I could be a man praised by all. But I renounced all for the discovery of the hidden prospect of blossom and fruit. I remembered the picture of Francis standing on the globe and trying to hug Jesus.

Mother Treasa told me showing her wrinkled face, I could be a beautiful woman in Albania. I could polish my nails, I could spend money on facial, I could dress up beautiful but I renounced it for the uplifting the people of gutters of Calcutta.

I looked at the picture of St. Maximilian Kolbe, he was like an x ray copy. I could count all his bones, a prey of the concentration camp of Auschwitz. A flame raises from his thin and tired body, he is led to heaven with Blessed virgin Mary. He renounced his life for another man, he could save himself but he spend his life for another man.

There are many people who have dedicated their future. What are we dedicating ourselves to discover the hidden prospect of blossom and fruit.

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