Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cream biscuit

I hope you all have eaten cream biscuits in your life. It is the cream between the two pieces adds more sweetness to the biscuit. I think cream biscuit teach us a reality of life that we must act as cream which adds sweetness and closeness in others life.
If there is any bitterness and gap between father and mother, children should act as cream. And if it is between mother and children the father has to act as cream, if this is between daughter in law and mother in law, son has to act as cream and many other ways you could imagine.

St. John says in his first letter chapter 4 "Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God". I'd everyone who loves is from God we should love each other.

There are people who say I love my Husband, my wife, my children and if they can not express it, that is not love. If you love someone we should act as cream and should express it. I remember a father of a child who brought 49 marks out of 50 in maths and the father asked without a word of appreciation, where is the one mark? Funny isn't it? Sometimes we are in this category, we love but cannot express. If you love you have to express.

I remember a day after my ordination, a couple came to me and said they were send by one of my friend friars. They said they need counselling. I was just ordained and they were asking for counselling, I was shocked. I pretended like I have been counsellor for many years and started counselling. They were fighting each other, and I just sat there opening my mouth. When they were tired I addressed the women calling sweet sister, she was so happy and asked the husband, "Hear what father has called me, have you ever called me like this in between five years of our life."? I ran away from the counselling room when the counselling ended. She conveys that thinking I love my wife/Husband and children are not enough, we have to express. Dear brothers and sisters, if you love you have to express, be cream each other.

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