Monday, December 17, 2012

Did we kill God in our hearts?

I was shocked last week to hear from one of the students that we shall not say Merry Christmas in the public schools instead we shall say happy holidays! wishing Christmas without naming Jesus!!Do you feel something wrong? Is this feeling because I am an Indian?

According to Karl Marx, man is a material being and according to Freud, man is a sexual being. But religions reminds man that he is a spiritual being. Recently, I read an article which says 60-80% of Indian youths are happy because they are connected with spiritual centres and in Japan only 9% of the youths are happy! When I write this, you may feel how come he comes with all these data? The ancient cultures and civilisation of thousands years back tried to explain this great Reality. We consciously forget history and take God away from the society and human hearts. The materialistic world teaches that God is dead and long live superman. Are you not hearing digging of the God's graveyard? Yes we are keeping God away from human hearts.

I remember a picture of Jesus knocking at the door. He is powerful to break the door but he knocks to enter because He respects our freedom.

I saw on the Internet a Somalian boy drinking urine from the back of a cow to quench his thirsty. It is a shocking scene for all but I would say hunger is not the problem of today, the problem of today is that we are keeping God away from our children. We have stopped reading bible in the school, using God's name in public and talking about God in the class room. Churches have become empty places and many churches are on sale or even clearance sale! Darkness rules the hearts.

I saw many different texts on Face book in response to the shooting in Connecticut. Somebody asked where is God? We have forgotten God and asks where is God? That's really funny! God is there in all the innocent children and adults who were killed. It is God who suffered.
I liked a Face book message that we need more people to teach about love, yes we shall not forget we need to teach about love, peace and justice. The world is not merely material. We should bring back God in to our society. We write on our dollar bill in God we trust. It is high time to really trust in Him. I hear that the church is full when there is a calamity or catastrophe and recently in Connecticut service. We may forget Connecticut soon but let us pray not to forget what God teaches and also not to forget history. Let us pray with Indian rishis "thamasoma jyothir gamaya- let the darkness be removed and light come in.

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