Monday, December 31, 2012

My Birthday Gift

I can't imagine, one more year is over after celebrating the great and ever memorable birthday in 2012. There are certain times that we do want to celebrate special events in our life,  which happened to be  my birthday and ten years of Ordination that fell on the same day. But away from home, no friends and friars around, I felt a kind of loneliness. I remembered that I went down to the kitchen for breakfast on my birthday in 2012. And there, Fr. Dismas was waiting for me with a fruit basket sent by my family in Singapore. My eyes opened wide, that was really unexpected gift, my heart leaped with joy, I felt love of my family in Singapore and I said to my heart you are not alone.

As I was unpacking the fruit basket, a phone call came from one of the students, let me call her cupcake. She told me, "Father, I would like to make confession". I said, "Sure, I am celebrating my birthday, we can celebrate mass and have a bite together". I wanted to thank God for a productive day to celebrate my ordination day not because someone was coming for confession but cupcake was dear to me. She was a wonderful student and a role model to many students and a good catholic. One day couple of her friends invited me to have lunch with them and they tried to explain to me that cupcake was going to Southeast. I thought Southeast was a place and in my ignorance I said that if that's her will, let her. Later I came to know that Southeast was a Protestant church.
I did not judge her, may be God used my ignorance for a better result. She is coming, she is coming to make confession, I was thrilled. She came by noon, made her confessions, attended mass. I made a cup of soup and gave it to her. I am so happy for her now. God works in mysterious ways. She has joined the Benedictine Sisters and I dream and pray that she becomes a great nun.
I said to the Lord, before I go to bed, that was an awesome celebration.

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