Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I have a name

Recently I watched the movie "les miserables" I do not think somebody can watch the life of Jean Valjean without tears. Many lives have changed by this 1862 novel by Victor Hugo.
In the movie, Javert, the police officer calls Valjean by his number 24601. Valjean says, my name is Jean Valjean. I realised that having a name is a blessing and it is the name that separate us from another and make us unique. Have you ever thought how much time our parents spend to name us? And name is so important and precious to us. Personally speaking, I am so happy when somebody remembers my name and calls by name, I enjoy that moment. I hope you too.
Giving a number to a person is humiliation and that must be the reason Hitler tattooed numbers on the prisoners. It was to reject the identity of a person. It was as cruel as his persecution.
I like the bible words from Isaiah, "I have called you by name and you are mine"(43:1). It is the great comfort that we have not lost in the crowd. God knows each one by our name!
I remember a Malayalam short story "Radha Radha Mathram"by Mukundan. In the story a girl forgets her name and she undergoes great identity crisis which makes her breakdown. Dear friends, having a name is a blessing and more blessing it is to know that God knows us by name.

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