Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good morning God

Many people consider religious life as a kind of stereotype way with a special look on face, no smile, constipated movements and always spiritual. I have two pictures of Jesus with me, one is Jesus playing basketball and another is Jesus playing guitar. I am afraid to show them to my grandma because I do not know how she is going to react. I have seen on Internet a picture of laughing Christ. Those kind of pictures are very rare. I always have thought why cannot we relate with God more lighter, sweeter and enjoyable way. Why people always fear God and do not love Him? Why can not we talk to Him like a friend? Why cannot we talk to him like we talk to one of our family members? I have heard about a little girl's prayer, in the morning as she wakes up, she says 'good morning God' and in the night she says 'Good night God'. Is not that a beautiful prayer and is not that a beautiful relation with God. Do not you think that our God deserve it? God should be part of sorrow, joy, study, thinking, dance, eating etc. Is that fair we look at God as somebody up above?
St. Francis may be one of the saints who expressed the joy and happiness in front of God. A legend says: one day Francis wanted to praise God and he took two sticks and played on them as violin and praised God. It may look funny to us but he was really expressing himself without any constipated look or stereo type praising God.. Some thinkers have given us the idea that religious life is only a celebration of Good Friday, no it's also celebrating the joy of Easter.
I remember another story from Francis Assisi, it was the fasting day and one of the friars started crying in the middle of the night and you know what Francis did, he waked up all the community members and broke the fasting and ate grapes with the friars.
I think humour, joy and laughing are important in religious life. God loves all these.

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