Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's possible with Jesus

I have been the director of our retreats for few years. In India retreat preacher is supposed to be a miracle worker. I always felt that I was not fit in to that category of miracle workers, but always trusted in the power of God. I thought, if God wants he can. I remember this was one of the first retreats I was leading. I made a solemn arrival to the parish accompanied by a group of friars. The pastor gave us a warm welcome, as we were talking to the pastor, an unconscious woman was brought to amidst of us, carried by two ladies. Pastor said, Fr. John, your first client has come. I felt like earth splitting and I am falling in to the deep but I tried to act like I know what to. I asked the ladies to take her to a private room and will be there soon. I was sweating, I told the pastor let me put on my habit. I went to the room and Friars gathered around me, they knew I am in trouble. I started striking on my chest, my God what am I going to do? Friar Angelo said I have an idea, I have a bottle of oil blessed by Fr. Saviourkhan Vattayil, a famous preacher and miracle worker in Kerala, you may anoint on the forehead of the lady and pray. I said okey, agree, give it to me. He opened his bag and we were shocked no oil in it, not even a drop! It is really a wonder how the top of the cap broke in a circle and lost oil. I thought God is giving me trouble, He is sometimes like this. One of us suggested to refill the bottle and use it. I said I am not going to refill it, God has ordained me with the same power as Fr. Saviour.
I entered the room shivering and told her with an authoritative voice, I am a Franciscan Friar, I am going to pray over you in the powerful name of Jesus. She made a strange noise. I asked the two accompanying ladies to go out, i did not want anybody see what is happening in the room, just me and God! I had a bottle of holy water and a cross, I put my hands on her head and prayed in the name of Jesus through the power Jesus has given me through the Ordination, I ask whatever evil is on her get out of her in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I poured holy water on her, she started shivering. I thought my God, it is getting worse. I touched her shoulders, she opened her eyes and looked at me said, Father something went out of me! I still did not know what has went out of her, she shared her story, she was an auto ricksha driver and talked about her family.
When I opened the room, pastor and friars were waiting, they were amazed to see the lady was normal and walking. I think I had a proud look on my face. She went happily with the ladies. The news spread in the village and this miracle of Jesus increased the faith of the people and thousands of people attended the retreat. I remembered what Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible"(Mt. 19:26).

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